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Features that will help you reach your full potential!


Flourishing Assessment

Potentia is designed to help you flourish, to feel great and function at your best. This short 14 question survey is recognized worldwide as the best way to assess flourishing. It will give us a great starting point, help you through your journey, and allow you to see your progress along the way.

To measure how well you are flourishing we will ask you questions around your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. All you have to do is answer completely honestly!

Flourishing assessment results

Meaningful Pathways

Potentia will map out several pathway suggestions based on your assessment results and preferences.

Each pathways is designed to help you practice skills, build better habits, and find your best self.

We partner with top subject matter experts to bring you courses that are not only backed by science, but created by the scientists themselves.

Pathway with missions

Missions & Emotion Training

Missions are short pathway exercises designed to teach you skills and practice habits in order to find your best self.

Emotion training is just that, training for your emotions. We put together simple exercises that will help you to understand and navigate your emotions.

Emotion training panel one

Milestones & Gamification

Potentia is designed to help you achieve your best self. We encourage you to make progress in the app and your daily life.

Every week you will be advancing toward milestones on your pathway. These mile markers are here to guide you through your chosen pathway.

Engagement and progress will also be rewarded through achievements. Enjoy the journey ahead!

Milestones and gamification

Progress Tracking

Potentia’s dashboard keeps you engaged and motivated with real time stats on achievements. See how you are progressing along your chosen pathway and what’s needed to accomplish your goals and milestones.

Tracking progress on dashboard

Additional features that fully equip you on your journey.

Step-by-step Mapping

To ensure the highest rate of success in learning and help maintain new behaviors, POTENTIA uses a developmental teaching approach for all types of psychological skills.


Track your progress and keep motivation high by earning Achievements and unlocking special features as you go.

Convenient Training

Train when and where it works best for you—in the office, at home, or even at your favorite coffee shop. You can use POTENTIA anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet access.

Complete Privacy

We know privacy is extremely important. Your name, personal information, and training records are all private, password protected, and never shared with anyone. Even the robots need permission to view your stuff.

Smart Reminders

Set up text or email reminders to let you when it’s time to complete a Mission, or send a little encouragement to motivate you into action if you’re having a tough week.


We explain and provide the research behind every Mission so you can learn the scientific principles that underlie each individual skill.