About Us Background

Potentia’s Mission

We’re here to help you do you, only better. We are talking about the you who can take on any challenge life throws your way because you have the skills and the will to face it head on and rebound with ease. The you that achieves mighty things at work and home, day in and day out. That super you is in there, and we have combined the brilliance of the top experts in psychology, sociology and neuroscience, with the incredible power of technology, to help set it free.


Our Story

We’ve always been interested in how psychology could be used to help people and organizations reach new heights. But as we saw it, there was a pretty big gap between people and information. There are loads of books, articles and research papers out there, but who has the time to sift through a mountain of information, let alone figure out useful ways to incorporate it in their daily lives? It’s a tall order!

So in the summer of 2013, we decided to change all that by forming Potentia Labs. We began recruiting the top scientists and practitioners from around the world and working with them to harness their research – distilling it into courses people can use to tap their potential and become their best selves. Since then, Potentia Labs has become a gathering of gifted and passionate people who are all united by a common goal – help people create lives of greater happiness, meaning and fulfillment.